Located in the heart of Indiana lies Tipton, the community that Dan Young GM is proud to call home. Known for its friendly nature, small-town charm, and green areas, this town is truly a wonderful place to live and visit. Here's a look at Tipton's history and activities you can enjoy while you're in the area. 

The area of Tipton was first settled in 1835 by Samuel King, though there had been a presence of Miami Indians for much longer than that. In 1844, the town changed its name from Canton to Tipton. This was to honor John Tipton, a resident in the area who fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe. John later went on to hold a number of civic offices in Tipton and beyond, including sheriff of Harrison County, state representative, and U.S. senator.  

In the late 1800s, the Jefferson Street canal was built, helping to drain the surface areas of town. From that point, Tipton continued to grow into the town it is today. 

As the county seat of Tipton County, the town of Tipton is home to the museum that showcases the area's history. Come explore old records, the county history, and valuable old books to explore what the area was like when it was first settled. The Heritage Center even has old genealogical records that will allow you to find out where you come from. It's a great place to go in order to teach your children all about the town's exciting past.  
Located a short drive from Tipton is the Dudley Canal Tunnel & Limestone Mines. This attraction will help you discover thousands of years of history, all in 45 minutes. You just need to pop on a hard hat, get into a canal boat, and explore this underground world. This experience will even allow you to learn about the local mining tradition - and industry that helped many local towns flourish.